About the center

  • About the center

The Palestinian Center of Excellence for Brain Development, Takween, is one-of-a kind in Palestine, that provides integrated and personal care to the children with special  physical and mental needs through professional and experienced staff and stimulating environment.

Our Vision
To spread awareness and understanding of the needs of our children and to make the Palestinian society a nurturing and friendly environment for children with special needs, so it becomes an integral part of their world.

Our Mission
To inspire and empower Palestinian children with neurological and psychological disorders by providing the best interdisciplinary family-centered clinical care. 

Our Strategy  
What makes Takween unique is its ability to meet the needs of children with brain and / or psychological disorders, from diagnosis and treatment to rehabilitation and special education all under one roof. A group of professionals with a wide variety of skill set will work as a team with each child and his / her family to provide diagnostic assessments, clinical management, physical rehabilitation, behavioral and cognitive therapy and special education. Having Takween center will enable our children and their families to get integrated and high-quality care in a seamless manner.  

The Team
Takween brings together a team of experienced specialists with national and international training and have global expertise enabling them to provide high quality care in accordance with international standards. With their unique and diverse range of skills, they will be able to adopt a comprehensive approach to our young patients and design individualized treatment plans that meet the needs of children, depending on their specific conditions.

The Environment
When we designed Takween, we worked hard to create an environment that served our patients' medical care, met the unique needs of each family and allowed our professionals to work as one team. Our children will find Takween an enjoyable and inspiring environment where they play and learn during medical treatment to help them reach their maximum developmental potential. Emphasis was placed on the choice of design of the environment around the children in a way that makes them feel comfortable and eager to visit the center. Families will find a supportive and accessible environment to receive comprehensive and specialized care for their children.
In addition to focusing on the concept of the environment in the center for children and their families, the staff will find in Takween a friendly and professional environment that fosters teamwork, collaborative culture among professionals with different expertise, effective communication strategies, and facilitation of panel discussions on care for our children. In short, Takween is an oasis of hope that brings together professionals who are competent and dedicated to their work, families dedicated to caring for their children, and a community that works hard to give every Palestinian child with special needs a better future.

Our Values

  • Integrated Care
  • Scientific Methodology
  • Responsibility
  • Credibility
  • Innovation
  • Empowerment
  • One team