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  • Art Therapy

Expressive, creative and therapeutic arts stimulate our senses and bodies, and then our thoughts and feelings so we constantly in tune with our emotions and help us express them. Using and interaction with art, we draw closer to our inner souls, understanding them more and interacting with them through our interaction with the material in our hands or with the state created by interaction with art.
Since the primary purpose of expressive art is to use it for self-expression, the product of the child's artistic work does not reside in its aesthetic. Every child appreciates his participation and effort, and he is the only one who has the right to evaluate his work. Expressive arts can also serve as bridges of communication between adults and children. Through art we hope that parents would understand the kids’creations, to accept their opinions, to come closer and help build a positive and fun relationship between them.
The art therapy service is provided for children with hyperactivity, difficulty concentrating and attention deficit, excessive fear, problems with social communication with others, fear of strangers, severe sadness, severe pain due to loss of loved ones and frequent nightmares.

This service is run by Khetam Edelby, who holds a master's degree in art therapy from the University of Leslie and is currently working on finishing the doctoral program in the same specialization

Working times: Saturday from 9:00 to 13:00

*Parental presence is permitted in the session.