Takween’s Infrastructure

  • Takween’s Infrastructure

When searching for Takween’s location,  it was necessary to find a site where our children could reach it from all over Palestine so we choose the city of Ramallah for its central location. The advantage of Masayef Alersal in Ramallah is being outside the congestion of the city center and yet at a close proximity to the public transport lines connecting Ramallah to the rest of the cities of Palestine and its villages. When we started designing Takween, we endeavored to create an environment that served our patients' medical needs, meet the unique needs of each family and meet the expectations of our employees in an environment that contributes to their cohesion as one team.

The first thing a visitor will see when arriving to Takween is the mixing of Roman stone columns and glass on one hand and the hard-steel painted with the colors of our flag on the other as well as its elegant entrance that suits the needs of our children with special needs. The families start in the reception hall where the receptionist warmly welcomes them and informs them about the services booked while their child enjoys seeing the large colorful fish tank.

If your child's appointment is with occupational therapy specialist or a speech therapist, then you are heading to the first floor. If there is a short waiting period, you and your child can sit in the waiting room to enjoy watching a musical video specially prepared for Takween to bring comfort and joy to our children’s hearts. Also on this floor there is the mental health department, the special education and learning difficulties clinic and the art therapy room where the children have the opportunity to express  their creativity so that we understand their world and be part of it.

Physiotherapy is on the 2nd floor where large spaces are allocated to facilitate movement between its relatively large equipment. Also on this floor is the Applied Behavior Analysis Clinic (ABA) and the state-of-the-art sensory room to motivate our children to communicate and interact with their surroundings, especially our autistic children. On this floor is also a music therapy room and a social services. If your child has an appointment with one of Takween’s doctors then you are heading to  the 3rd floor where there are the pediatric neurology clinic and the EEG suite as well as the cerebral palsy clinic. Also on this floor is optometry and visual rehabilitation clinic. Here is also the office of the case manager where the treatment journey of your child begins. The 4th  floor is dedicated for training seminars and lectures where there is a lecture theater equipped to accommodate more than 80 people. The administrative staff of Takween is housed on the 5th floor where the offices of the CEO, finance and human resources.There are two underground floors in Takween. The first one is for staff parking. The second underground floor has hydrotherapy facilities. Takween has  two therapeutic pools; one is for the  newborns up to 3 years old and another one for older children up to 18 years old. A cafe on this floor will soon open to meet your healthy nutrition needs.

We hope that you will find Takween a comfortable and pleasant place for you and your children that meets your needs and easy to navigate.