Music Therapy

  • Music Therapy

Music therapy is a psycho-sensory therapy in which music is used as a means of treatment or a tool through which the child communicates with the therapist. The music therapist relies on the use and integration of music in psychotherapy courses and theories. This type of treatment is suitable for children with special needs of all ages such as children with autism, learning difficulties, behavioral and social problems or those suffering from psychological stress.

There are two main ways to use music in music therapy. In the first method, the therapist uses music to help the child with self-expression so it is the improvisational expressions that determine the musical interaction through the therapy sessions. The second method is that the music is the tool used by the therapist to communicate with the child through individual and/or group therapy sessions
This type of treatment is used in many institutions and schools, especially those caring for children with special needs and those suffering from the autism spectrum. The music therapy service is provided through individual or group sessions in a room equipped with musical instruments and preserves the privacy of the child and the family