Occupational Therapy

  • Occupational Therapy
Occupational therapy serve children from the age of one up to 18 years, who suffer from developmental disorders such as Autism spectrum disorder, ADHD, motor coordination disorder and other developmental disorders. We contribute to improving children's performance, to overcome their weaknesses and disabilities and promote full participation in activities of daily living with high independence.
Occupational therapy works with multidisciplinary team from different rehabilitation programs within Takween, to provide our children with the best evidence based therapeutic interventions at the same time entertaining and enjoyable, ranging in complexity from the least complex to the most, with the aim of increasing child’s performance in communication, play, social interaction and self-care.
In addition, the occupational therapist contributes to Build and modify the child’s adaptive equipment to facilitate their lives and their families by using equipment such as adapted food utensils, scissors, pencils…etc. 
Occupational therapy offers a range of therapeutic and diagnostic services:
  • Individual sessions for children transferred from regular schools and children transferred within Takween’s classes.
  • Group therapy sessions
  • Children evaluation using International Standardized assessments.
  • Create an individual rehabilitation plans
  • Help children to be included into normal schools and community environment.
In the Occupational Therapy, we try to find each child’s strengths to build his/her individual goals and plans through the use of a variety of different methods and techniques to improve their skills in different fields:
  • Improve child fine motors skills
  • Improve hand functions such as holding the spoon or grasping a pen..etc.
  • Improve eye hand coordination skills
  • Improve child self-help practices that include a set of basic life skills such as: (eating, grooming, dress/ undress skills..etc).
  • Increase a child's attention span and tolerance for frustration during session time.
  • Provide our children with specific trainings on prescribed adaptive equipment.
  • Improving child sensory performance, using Sensory Integration strategies to improve child's abilities to interact with sensory stimuli appropriately.
Instruct parents and family members on how to help their children to develop their occupational performance, complete and implement rehabilitation plan within the home and community environment.
Working Times: Saturday to Wednesday, from 8:00 until 17:00.