Social Service

This service offers guidance on psychological and social issues for both the children and their families. It also help the families to work around any financial difficulties that may hamper the therapeutic process of the child. 
This service is featured by:
  • Assistance to improve the social and psychological performance of children and their families; to maximize progress and improve family wellbeing in general.
  • Conducting home and field visits in order to be acquainted with the social, family and economic environment in which children live in; to make necessary related recommendations.
  • Providing psychosocial counseling services for children and their families, as to help them understand and cooperate with all aspects of the treatment plan
  • Providing a safe and entertaining environment for the child to create a comfortable atmosphere.
  • Full cooperation with all departments and clinics of Takween in order to provide social and environmental information about the child and his family, which may contribute to the progress of the treatment plan.
This service is provided by the social worker Basel Oweidat
 Clinic working times: Saturday to Wednesday 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.
*In some case, parents can join their child in the clinic.