Therapeutic Preschool

  • Therapeutic Preschool
The therapeutic preschool aims at training and educating children in a safe environment, while ensuring that they get a specialized support that meets their needs in becoming independent members of their society.   We receive children between the age of 3-8 years with: 
  • Autism spectrum disorder; Saturday-Wednesday 8am to 1pm. In specially designed and organized rehabilitation classes and by highly qualified and licensed specialists, We provide care for your children, educate them and build their cognitive, functional, independence, linguistic, behavioral and social capabilities using individualized treatment plans.
  • Learning difficulties, slow learning, hyperactivity and attention deficit; Saturday-Wednesday 2pm-5pm. We provide support services for school students after school within small therapeutic groups during which they work on their weaknesses and develop their strengths strengthen to achieve an academic level that is appropriate to their cognitive abilities. 
In addition to classes and small therapeutic groups, we provide, through Takween’s other facilities individual therapy sessions including drama therapy, music, hydrotherapy, behavior therapy as needed to inforce the principle of inclusion.
The school is directed by behavioural therapy expert Reem Yacoub and run by a group of qualified psychologists and educators who all work with your child in a loving and safe environment.