Therapeutic Preschool

  • Therapeutic Preschool

The therapeutic preschool aims at training and educating children in a safe environment, while ensuring that they get a specialized support that meets their needs in becoming independent members of their society.   We provide services to children between the age of 3-8 years who have Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Our hours are 8 am through 1 pm, Saturday-Wednesday. The preschool includes rehabilitation classes that are specifically designed for children with ASD. We highly qualified and licensed specialists who provide care for your children, educate them and build their cognitive, functional, independence, linguistic, behavioral and social capabilities using individualized treatment plans. Each child has an individualized therapeutic plan (ABLLS-R) designed specifically to meet the child’s needs. The plan is implemented at the center by the continuous collaboration of the child’s therapists, teachers, and at home by his/her parents. Additionally, there are group therapy plans implemented through an appropriate class curriculum to expand children’s cognitive and pre-academic development.

There is an after-school service (1pm – 3pm) for the children of working parents; it includes a hot meal and recreational activities for children.

The school is directed by the behavior therapy specialist Reem Yacoub and run by a group of qualified educators and specialists who work together with your child in a loving and safe environment.