Why Takween

  • Why Takween

There is nothing more beautiful than watching you and your family enjoying the progress in your child’s development.  Because we believe that our children with special needs are unique and have their own world, we will always strive to create a stimulating and joyful environment during their therapeutic and rehabilitation journey. A team with skills and experiences from within and outside Palestine will provide your family with a range of exceptional and high-quality services that begin with a comprehensive diagnosis and assessment of your child's needs using the latest diagnostic tools, resulting in an integrated treatment plan for your child's specific needs. It will also provide support to foster the unique circumstances of every family with a child with special needs. This functional model will make Takween the first and only center in Palestine where diagnostic, therapeutic, rehabilitation and educational services are seamlessly accessible for children with neurological and psychological problems under one roof .

Dr. Rand Askalan leads our distinguished team at Takween. She is a neuroscientist and a pediatric neurologist who dedicated her life to caring for children with special needs in many parts of the world. She decided to return to her homeland to establish a comprehensive and integrated center for the care of Palestinian children.